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How to test DNS facts of a domain

There are many reasons why you may want to check your domain DNS facts that are propagated on the internet. For instance, your internet site isn't to be had (it is probably that DNS information are wrong) otherwise you need to test which DNS records are proven at the internet.

Domain call machine (DNS) is used to factor an incoming internet site domain closer to the IP deal with of the server. That whilst you open an internet site, the DNS statistics fetch the IP address of the server (there's the domain pointed) and serve the internet site.

So in this guide, I'm able to display how to check your contemporary area DNS statistics the usage of furnished commands and online gear.

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Checking DNS facts the usage of the command line

The most green manner to check DNS facts of the domain is to use a terminal with the command nslookup. This command will run on nearly all running structures (home windows, Linux, and macOS). The command nslookup shows all DNS statistics of the area, and under may be supplied various nslookup command for the one of a kind DNS document sorts to test the use of the command line.

For the demonstration, I'm able to use our area name ‘’. Whilst you will open the terminal window, kind the subsequent commands, simply do not omit to replace together with your area name.